American Scale is a trusted source for the most advanced weight indicators and process control devices. From basic weighing functions to complete system automation, American Scale has instrumentation for all of your needs


Indicators / Controllers


American Scale's family of digital weight indicators and scale controllers has everything from simple weight monitors to complex control equipment that can automate an entire process. No matter the requirements, American Scale offers weight indicators for every industry.

Wireless Communications


Wireless transmitters and receivers easily communicate data between various electronics in your scale system.

Intrinsically Safe Environment


For use in volatile areas, American Scale offers the very best in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment. These devices require detailed attention to specification and installation guidelines. For IS system compatibility, use these intrinsically safe indicators with American Scale's selection of FM-approved load cells.

Remote Displays


Many applications require additional displays to connect to an indicator/controller. Whether you need to see it up close or at a distance, American Scale can light up your information for dependable and easy viewing day after day.

Automated Systems


The American Scale  line of automated systems gives your system the efficiency it needs to keep up with growing business.

Indicator Software


Having the correct software to support your indicator is not only essential to proper function, but allows you to get the most from your investment. American Scale  carries software to support all of the products we sell.