Checkweigher Scales

Checkweigher's are designed to help speed up your weighing process and reduce production downtime, two critical factors to your company’s bottom line.

Rice Lake CW-90X Checkweigher

For heavy washdown environments and HACCP requirements, choose Rice Lake's CW-90X digital weight ind

Rice Lake CW-90 Over/Under Checkweigher

The configuration menu of the CW-90 is accessible through the front keypad.

Doran 4300 SS Checkweigher

The 4300 Checkweigher will survive and thrive in the most extreme washdown weighing applications.

Doran 2200CW SS Checkweigher

The system features stainless steel construction and washdown protection. Built in the USA.

Ohaus Defender 5000 Checkweigher

The OHAUS next generation Defender 5000 Series multifunctional washdown bench scale

Ohaus CKW Checkweigher

Combining an NSF-certified and USDA accepted food-safe base, durable stainless steel construction