Check-in stations worldwide including McCarran, Miami, JFK, and Cancún International (Mexico).

Airline Baggage Scales

American Scale has a full line of products engineered for the specific demands of the aviation industry. 

Pennsylvania Scale

Airline baggage scales, platform scales, digital weight/count indicators, and more.


64 Series Baggage Scale

Exceptional Reliability, Rugged Construction

Our reputation for heavy duty industrial scales is built into every M64 Airline Baggage weighing system – fast becoming the standard for baggage check-in stations all over the world.

Rugged designs conform to a wide range of architectural installations. Heavy duty stainless steel top plate; durable powder-coated finish; exceptional reliability and Sustained Accuracy (5000 divisions standard) plus fast shipment of standard and custom sizes. Extra rugged construction for long life and hard use. Up to four displays per scale with designs for curbside check-in or shared check-in stations. Standard RS-232 for integrated weighing systems.

Portable or permanently mounted versions or electronics-only conversion kits for existing platforms in remodeling situations. Wide range of styles, platform sizes, and designs for any situation. Made in USA.

Join the many airports worldwide that have increased accuracy and reduced maintenance costs with the 64 Series rugged scales designed for baggage check-in operations.

  • Superb performance and Sustained Accuracy
  • Up to (4) four remote displays with/without buttons
  • SS flush panel mount displays or custom surface mount
  • Standard green or high intensity red LED displays
  • Weighing 5000 divisions in two units of measure, typically lbs/kgs
  • Capacity either 500 x 0.1 lbs or 1000 x 0.2 lbs (or specify)
  • Suitable for commercial applications
  • Ship fully calibrated and ready for installation
  • Fully supported designs back to 1991; modular interchangeable parts
  • Platform sizes 18″ x 18″, 18″ x 24″, 24″ x 24″ at 5″ profile; larger custom sizes at 3″ profile
  • Easy installation and attachment for bagwell or kiosk
  • Simple calibration and maintenance
  • True heavy duty construction – Two-Year Limited Warranty

Electronics Conversion Kit Package for Existing Platforms

- Wide range of capacities and resolutions; suitable for Commercial Applications up to 10,000 divisions
- Aluminum enclosure with (1), (2), (3), or (4) remote displays with 10′ cables
- Remote displays with/without buttons ZERO, UNITS, PRINT
- AC power via HD power cord to CPU unit only
- Fast, easy calibration to existing platforms for remodeling situations
- Opening requirement for flush mount display: 5-3/4″ x 3-1/2″ – contact factory for drawings

Doran Scales



Baggage weight is easily read from up to 20 feet on the large, bright red LED display.

Easy to Operate
Baggage weight is easily read from up to 20 feet on the large, bright red LED display. When baggage is placed on the scale, the displayed weight quickly stabilizes on the main and optional remote display.


Panel mount display cutout size: 6.5" W x 3.3" H x 1.75" D; 

Display: 6 Digit, Red LED, 0.56” HighIndicators: kglbControls: UnitsZeroUnits: lbkgOutput: Bi-directional RS-232Construction: Stainless SteelPower: 115 VAC (230 VAC Optional); Transformer, UL/ULcCertifications: NTEPWarranty: One Year

Standard Base Design

The modular design of the Doran Baggage Scale makes installation a snap!

Outstanding Durability & Reliability
A side load and vertical load protection system using rubber shock mounts prevents load cell sensor damage from impact and massive overloading as baggage is loaded onto the scale platform. An advanced electronic design prevents damage caused by electrostatic discharge present in dry airport environments.

Maximum Capacities: 250 lb500 lb1000 lb

Resolution Range: 0.5lbDimensions: 

Display Panel Cutout Size: 6.5" W x 3.3" H x 1.75" D; Scale base - 24" x 24" x 5.25" High

Display: 6 Digit, Red LED, 0.56” HighIndicators: kglbMotionZeroControls: UnitsZeroUnits: lbkgOutput: Bi-directional RS-232Construction: Painted Steel and Stainless SteelPower: 115 VAC (230 VAC Optional); Transformer, UL/ULcCertifications: NTEPWarranty: One Year